Last month we welcomed a return visitor to Mumbai in the form of my father-in-law, Tony. Or as Jasper calls him, Daadaa, which is Hindi for paternal grandfather and is the term Jasper has adopted for both my father and Dylan’s. Whichever Daadaa is in the room or on the phone is…
We’ve had a bit of a time of it lately - health wise. Thinking back, I wonder when was the last time we were all (and by all, I only mean the three of…
To say my son loves balls is a wild understatement. Find out more about the lengths to which his obsession takes him.
Soggy with a chance of potholes
Walk with me as I explore the neighbourhood around my new home in Mumbai.
A collection of personal stories and experiences from my wide-eyed exploration of my expat life. Currently writing from Mumbai, India.
This is WIDE EYES; a series of stories based on my own observations as I settle into life as an expat mother in Mumbai.